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New Releases: Friday 19th May 2017

Before I go through this week’s new releases here’s some information about the upcoming reissue of Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer.

Radiohead are reissuing ‘OK Computer’ as a triple LP set, with 3000 copies being pressed on blue vinyl. We’re getting a limited number of the blue vinyl and to make it fair we’re going to have a draw to see who gets a copy.

To take part, you need to pre-order the standard black vinyl 3LP (which is £25) and pay a £5 deposit. We’ll do the draw for who gets the blue vinyl on 22nd June. If you don’t win, you get the black vinyl pressing.

Now onto Friday’s releases.

We have the first four of the Iron Maiden 1990-2015 album reissues, including the box to keep them all in:

  • Iron Maiden ‘No Prayer For The Dying & Fear Of The Dark – Collectors Box’ Box Set £45
  • Iron Maiden ‘Virtual XI’ 2LP £27.50
  • Iron Maiden ‘X Factor’ 2LP £27.50

There’s a 20th anniversary edition of Elliot Smith’s ‘Either Or’ wth reare and live songs, also all his albums have been reissued:

  • Elliot Smith ‘Either Or [20th Anniversary Edition]’ 2LP (with rare and live songs and includes download code) £28
  • Elliot Smith ‘Roman Candle’ LP (includes download code) £21.50
  • Elliot Smith ‘Elliot Smith’ LP (includes download code) £21.50
  • Elliot Smith ‘Either Or’ LP (includes download code) £21.50
  • Elliot Smith ‘XO’ LP (includes download code) £21.50
  • Elliot Smith ‘Figure 8’ 2LP (includes download code) £25
  • Elliot Smith ‘From A Basement On The Hill’ 2LP (includes download code) £25
  • Elliot Smith ‘New Moon’ 2LP (includes download code) £25
  • Elliot Smith ‘An Introduction To Elliot Smith’ LP (includes download code) £21.50

The soundtrack to the film ‘Singles’ has been reissues with lots of extra songs:

  • Various ‘Singles Soundtrack’ 2LP (includes a CD with an extra 18 songs) £30

The rest of the new releases, including the new albums from Erasure, Linkin Park, Jane Weaver, !!!, Emily Barker, Skepta, The Mountain Goats and Papa Roach:

  • Paul Weller ‘A Kind Revolution’ Box Set (5 x10″, booklet and art print) £85
  • Erasure ‘World Be Gone’ LP (orange vinyl and includes download code) £21
  • Linkin Park ‘One More Light’ LP £21
  • Jane Weaver ‘Modern Kosmology’ LP (foil sleeve, poster and includes download code) £21.50 / LP (includes download code) £16.50 / CD £12
  • !!! ‘Shake The Shudder’ 2LP (translucent vinyl and includes download code) £21
  • Emily Barker ‘Sweet Kind Of Blue’ LP (blue vinyl and includes download code) £18.50
  • Skepta ‘Konnichiwa’ LP £21.50
  • The Mountain Goats ‘Goths’ 2LP (includes download code) £27.50 / CD £12.50
  • Papa Roach ‘Crooked Teeth’ LP £16
  • Basement ‘Promise Everything’ LP (coloured vinyl) £21
  • Biters ‘The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be’ LP £17
  • Dragonforce ‘Reaching Into Infinity’ 2LP £16
  • Various ‘Resistance Radio: The Man In The High Castle’ 2LP (includes download code) £21
  • Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow ‘Black Mirror: Men Against Fire’ LP (coloured vinyl) £24.50
  • The Radiophonic Workshop ‘Burials In Several Earths’ Box Set £40
  • Gothic Tropic ‘Fast Or Feast’ LP £21
  • The Spitfires ‘Move On’ 7″ (blue vinyl) £6.50
  • Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra ‘Vendetta Ft. Arthur Verocai (Al Kent Remix)’ 12″ £11.50
  • Do Make Say Think ‘Stubborn Persistent Illusions’ 2LP (includes print and download code) £27.50
  • Wavves ‘You’re Welcome’ LP (blue vinyl) £21
  • Jlin ‘Black Origami’ 2LP £19

And reissues from:

  • Blink-182 ‘California (Deluxe Edition)’ 2LP (pink and black vinyl and includes download code) £25
  • Scouting For Girls ‘Scouting For Girls’ LP £19
  • Sia ‘1000 Forms Of Fear’ LP £19
  • Buffalo Tom ‘Let Me Come Over (25th Anniversary Edition)’ 2LP (includes bonus live LP) £21
  • The Brian Jonestown Massacre ‘Bringing It All Back Home Again’ LP £12
  • The Brian Jonestown Massacre ‘Bravery, Repetition And Noise’ LP £16
  • White Hills ‘H-p1’ LP £22
  • Easy Star All-Stars ‘Radiodread Special Edition’ 2LP £21
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